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Welcome to the FAQ. If you have a question that has not been posted here, feel free to contact the admin.

  • Who owns the Darasu chat?Currently, Izaya. (A.K.A. Lee) does. The previous owner being Xephlrek/Plato.
  • Can I give out icon codes?No. You will be banned.
  • Are there icons which are in other anime than DRRR?Yes, many of the icons aren't from Durarara!!
  • Is a Password needed for the chat?There isn't a current plan to incorporate restrictions for chat use.
  • Is a membership needed for Darasu chat?No, there isn't a password used to access Darasu chat.
  • How many admins are there?There are currently 3 admins that can be seen here.
  • If anything goes wrong here, how will the person contact a Admin?As said on this page, you can contact an admin via e-mail.
  • Whose idea was it to create this site?Xephlrek's idea.
  • What happens if someone spams on a chat, would anyone do something? A ban would be delivered and possible fixes depending on the exploit/spam.
  • So you can make rooms go up to 40?Yes, but be prepared for the "fast chat" part.
  • How many rooms can you make in this site?Up to 150 rooms can be created.
  • Will an app be made of this site?There are plans in place to emulate drrrchat's mobile bootstrap. With that, both Android and IOS apps are up for consideration.
  • What's the chat icon next to the exit do?It toggles the bubble show animation.