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Below is a list of our currently active staff, along with descriptions of their positions, and ways you can contact them.


The Admin, also called "Lee".

He is somewhat neglectful due to a busy work schedule, but he tries his best to be present while getting along with (most) people.

Always open for suggestions, and typically quick to fix and tweak the most crucial issues that happen on Darasu.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact him at admin (at) darasu.xyz, or on facebook (if you have it already).


Darasu's most active and helpful moderator.

She can be trusted to aid users if needed, as well as pass issues and concerns to the head admin, if needed.


KuroKaito (A.K.A Michael) is responsible for the functioning mobile version of Darasu.

He stops by to hang around, but is mostly involved in the coding. If you have any questions or concerns, he will also try to help, or bring them to the head admin. You can also find Michael on Facebook.


Slash is the owner and creator of Sunnyhome.online.

He has lent a big hand in fixing bugs on the current Darasu, and is entitled to staff positions due to his work. He is a majestic and rarely seen creature, but always very helpful.