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This chat couldn't be other than what it is without the greatly greatly appreciated help. I give many thanks to everyone who made it possible to develop this chat.



Cooperation from different languages.

  • C h a o sPortuguese Fixes
  • LeviGhostRomanian Translation
  • HerminaHungarian Translation



I am looking for icon images of the Durarara chat look. If you have an icon that has been made, you can use it for this chat! Wanted content: 58px × 58px / background color: 1 color / character color: white. White hardline borders should be added up, down, left, and right 2px on image. The base for an icon can be located here. Please e-mail with icon attached for submission.

  • Spooschy Many graphics.
  • kafannia
  • Maki
  • Nana Aoi Graphic formating.
  • Celes



People who have helped to keep the website going.

  • Crow2013-02-17



Helping with the problems.

  • SlashMany fixes & additions
  • KuroKaitoMobile site
  • ClamIcon fix

Thank you so much, everyone!